I might have been quite on the frontline but in the background, I am still working hard and planing my future dreams which mean if I want TIME, MONEY and FREEDOM to do the thing that I want without worrying about Money or wondering if my BOSS would give me time off to follow my dreams then I have to study or re-educate myself to which the world is changing and it’s changing very fast each day.


Most of the world has been through the first wave of COVID 19 expect the US as they are still going through the first wave the last I heard was they were having 69,000 deaths every 24 hours And now some of us are experiencing the second wave which is just beginning the first wave in the UK brought us 47,000 deaths the second wave could be as bad as 225,000 deaths and this is just the UK. Worldwide I try not to think what the death count will be because in my eyes one death is too much.


As well as building my online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliates and SFM(Six Figaur mentors) I have also returned back into something I know and love very much and that is Forex Spread betting why go back to spread betting because in the UK it is TAX-free. I am not buying stocks and share as the market is very wide plus with the government of the US printing trillions of dollars each day and the rest of the world doing the same it means the dollar in your pocket is getting weaker which means things will cost more and your dollar will buy less. I believe if we want to beat our governments and the Banks we have to find a way of moving our hard-earned cash to benefit us the little people. If we want to have TIME, MONEY and FREEDOM. So if I am not spread betting on Stocks and Shares what am I Spread betting on. Well I took some money from my pension which I could afford to lose on May 15th 2020 I started spread betting on Bitcoin and Altcoins and yes just like the stock market buying stocks and shares it can go up or down and yes you can lose everything including your Shirt off your back, Car, Home and family which I have seen happen. I can say the money I invested in Bitcoin and Altcoins I have made back and in profit but remember when you in profit someone somewhere in the world is losing their money.


My plan of action is this I traded 2 bitcoins one bitcoin will run for 5 years and the other one will only run monthly. I will only take profit from my monthly Bitcoin and allow the other Bitcoin to run 5 years without touching it. Once I have taken profit from my monthly Bitcoin I will then put another trade on to replace it so I will always have just 2 – 4 Bitcoin trades on at a time. The Altcoin which I am trading in is called Ethereum and again 2 trades one will run 5 years while the other one will run monthly just like my Bitcoin trades. How much faith do I have in bitcoin and Ethereum before I answer that question I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISER IN ANYWAY MY FORECAST ARE ONLY MY OWN THOUGHTS. I can see Bitcoin reaching $400,000 per coin by 2025 and Ethereum reaching $10,000 per coin by 2025. Yes these might seem very high figures but Bitcoin has been around since 2011 and people and big companies see the Dollar crashing and the only thing that’s safe right now is Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bitcoin and Altcoins

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