Wealthy Affiliates Vs SFM – Best Affiliate For YOU

Draft Created: May 02, 2020,

I am updating this report due to the fact that a lot of people on Social Media platforms have been asking me the difference between these two companies who are probable the top two companies in the Affiliate Marketing since my last report about these companies, was a few years ago I thought I should do an update. Both companies are very good but at the end of the day, it really depends on what you are really looking for Yes I have my favourite but I am not going to say who it is as I am not here to tell you which one you should choose that is something you have to decide for yourself I am here to give you some backgrounds into both of these companies. I hope this report helps you to make your mind up and that whichever way you decide that you will have a bright and successful future.

Wealthy Affiliate

Why I researched Wealthy Affiliates which has been in operation for the past 15 years. I keep seeing it on YouTube and people were saying it was good so I thought why not check it out and see what type of FREE training and if it could replace other Affiliates programmes which were expensive after 1 week I decided I would pay for 1 month at a special price of $19.00 the more I got into the training the more I liked it. It seemed to give me what I was really looking for an Affiliate programme with very good Education programme taking me one step at a time and I was working at my own pace and if I needed help I could contact the owner’s Kyle, Carson or the community who are happy to help you anytime 24/7 365 days of the year. Just before the end of my first month, I decided if I was going to be serious about this business I should invest so I upgraded to a 1-year membership which cost me $299.00 plus I would not have to worry about paying each month. The training is particularly good, and I would recommend to anyone who is serious about starting an online business from home the best thing about paying $299.00 there is no up-sell like other affiliate companies. Who would I say this Affiliate programme is for from beginners to more experience Affiliates? Even I am learning new things each day.


  • A simple getting started Training process
  • Tons of videos, Tutorial, Classroom training and Courses
  • Live chat features available 24/7 365 days a year
  • Access to an extremely helpful community with a wide range of knowledge and expertise
  • Spam Free
  • Fast and Secure Web Hosting
  • Build a Website in 30 seconds
  • 2 Free, Websites in any Niche you choose as a FREE Member
  • Access to the founder’s Kyle or Carson
  • Premium Membership = More tools, Accessibility at a great price


  • t can be a little overwhelming at first because of so much information and help offered from the community


  1.  Starter Pack FREE – TAKE ACTION NOW!
  2.  Premium Membership $19.00 First month after that $49.00 per month if you serious about building an online business and want to save money $359.00 Per YEAR
  3.  Extra Cost Your Own Domain Website from $13.99 – $15.99 Per YEAR


If you want to upgrade to Premium Membership before 11th May 2020 You will not pay $359.00 Per Year – You will only Pay $299.00 Each and every year. Premium Yearly membership from May 12th, 2020 $495.00. Still, your first month at $19.00 and then after $49.00 per month.


SFM – Six Figure Mentors is what is known as a high-ticket Affiliate which its founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubasek. Has been operating for the past 10 years and they just want you to promote SFM. I would say if you do not have a lot to invest then SFM is not really for you as it is expensive just to be an affiliate with them, I will explain their price plan latter on. I do not think their training is as good as Wealthy Affiliates plus SFM is more of an up-sell Affiliate with 5 up-sells. I also think they have too many webinars you talk about 4-5 each day and that is not including the webinars that some people run on Facebook as well. I found it to be a very click run business so if your face does not fit you out these maybe sharp words about SFM but I am not here to sugar coat any one company as I have always said I am only here to help people.


  • Educational Training
  • Application Fee $29,95 which is Refundable within 30 days


  • Each membership has up selling options with DEA 4 levels which are awfully expensive
  • The starter pack is extremely limited
  • Programme cost is awfully expensive once you start up-selling
  • No support for Free members
  • No, accuse to the founders Stuart and Jay unless you pay for up-sells
  • Free membership Done for you Affiliate links and pages
  • Done for you Sales funnels and link generator


  1. Starter Pack Application $29.95
  2.  Basic membership $297.00 one-off Fee
  3.  Basic Membership Monthly Fee $97.00
  4.  Elite Membership $2,500 and $97.00 Monthly Fee
  5.  DEA Silver $3,000 and $97.00 Monthly Fee
  6.  DEA Gold $8,000 and $97.00 Monthly Fee
  7. DEA Platinum $11,000 and $97.00 Monthly Fee
  8. DEA Black $20,000 and $97.00 Monthly Fee


Now that you have a little bit about each company you can decide which company you like to be part of I hope the information here has helped you and I hope to see you on the inside so that we could work together and help you on your way for a better future for you and your family. There are 4 Billion people online NOW but within the next 8 years, there is expected to be 10 Billion so there is room for everyone to come and join the family we are waiting to welcome you.


  • I was hoping for a much more balanced review of these two companies. Although you allude to being unbiased, it’s very lopsided.
    Both founders at SFM are faaar more on the side of educating the community to build their own businesses. For those who don’t yet know what they want to do, they do offer their own affiliate model also to allow an earn while you learn scenario. Also for an article drafted in May 2020 the pricing and offer is not current at all. For claims of being an update, it feels rather out of touch. For example the all in one offer – seriously there is no better value in the market right now!
    My conclusion would be questioning who you get bigger affiliate commission from?

    • I get commissions from both companies, As you know it no good telling someone to sign up for SFM if they don’t have a good income because on the long haul it will not be beneficial to you or them. that is why I tell people if they do not have money to invest they can take the cheap road with WA and once they get that background and they are building up an income online then if they think they would like to try and expand to SFM this way you know they are going to hang around and not just a one payment person

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