Life is short – time to make a commitment

Life is short that is why we have to make each day count. When we were young we had so many dreams but 99% of us have lost sight of our dreams because as we grow older other thing seems to be more important like our Wife/Husband,, Children, Family and Work and our dreams are put on the back burner but it does not have to be like that if we take control of our lives.


We have a choice in life we have to take the road that we believe is right for us and our love ones. Whichever choice we make we have to understand that we must put our Wife/Husband, Children and Family first. Life is not easy we get told by our parents that Education and a good job is the right road to go down but they don’t tell us about the ups and downs in life that we will have to cope with they seem to leave that out. We need to understand Life is Short and we do not get another chance at life so why do we work for a BOSS someone that most of us don’t like why do we stress ourselves out trying to get to work on time We should be using this time right now as we are on Lockdown due the virus to better ourselves make something positive make our dreams come true be alive like we were when we were younger we need to take control of our lives before it is too late and now is the right time. I hear so many people when they know they are dying saying I wish I had done this or that. Right now we have so much to give so why don’t we? It cost nothing to give and make other people happy to make someone smile this world needs us to make it a better place look around you last month US Unemployment was 4.2% today within 4 weeks 20 million people have lost their jobs and Unemployment is 14.7% what that means is there are lots of people who need our help we can show them a way how to take back control of their lives so what are you waiting for?


We all should be making a commitment to help other people so many people need us and want us but we have to reach out to them and tell them you be there for them to help them and that they are not alone.

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