May 05, 2020

The Central Banks, JP Morgan, Bank Of America, HSBC, Warren Buffet & Richard Branson have one thing in common do you know what that is they are all lying to you.

They Are Buying Cryptocurrency in Millions

They all said that Cryptocurrency was the devils work why because they did not understand it but now behind your back, they are all buying Cryptocurrency in Millions when every county are going through a very bad time due to the Virus and Stock Markets tanking Worldwide. What has changed their minds well in 2008, 20015, 2018 there was a Cryptocurrency Reverse Split each time the Currency had a cryptocurrency split it went up a minimum of 500% plus over 12 months what that means if you had bought $200.00 in Cryptocurrency in 2008 you would be a billionaire by now.

What’s This All About???

First I like to say I do not have any Cryptocurrency right now but I might buy some very soon I will explain why. I do a lot of dealing with Penny Stocks with a Man called Timothy Sykes google him if you not heard of him. I have been told that on 20th May 2020 there is going to be another Cryptocurrys Reverse Split I tried to find out if this is true but no one wants to talk about it why is that does that mean its true? I don’t really know but what I can say over the next 15 days I will be buying $200.00 worth of Cryptocurrency I don’t know what will happen but I can afford to lose $200.00 but then again if it is true I could also make my money back within a few hours.


Why am I telling you this as part of their WA family it will give you time to research this and decide if you want to go down this line to make some money or just sit back and see what happens on the 20th May 2020

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