Earn Money In Affiliate Marketing – Mindset

Earning money as an Affiliate is not that straight forward you need the right Mindset otherwise you will fail as an Affiliate. I am sure you have heard people saying that was a scam the reason is they don’t have the mindset of an affiliate they think by pushing a button money will pop out at them and they will be rich overnight these are what are called lazy or dreamers and you will meet them everywhere you go and they will do anything to ruin your dreams and your new venture as an Affiliate. Apart from these type of people you may also get funny looks from your family and friends who might think you gone crazy or that you are losing it. So Let’s get down to it what is the right mindset for an Affiliate Marketing.

Confidence & Believe In Yourself

Do you remember when you were small learning to ride your bike at first you would fall off your bike but once you learn to stay on your bike you became Moore confidence about riding your bike and may even start to do wheelies to show off it is the same as Affiliates at first it strange because it is something new which means you have to step out of your comfort zone but the more time and energy you put into it the better you become so first you need to have trust and faith in the products you are promoting with your links on your website this is where you need to do your research on your products are they offering a solution to a problem are your products what people really want. You need to know who your ordinance is because promoting to everyone is promoting to no one and you be just wasting your time. If you work hard at Affiliate you could make a very high income not only with the products you are promoting but also with residue income as well which means you be making money when you sleep and when that happens you start to have the right mindset.

Doubts In Your Own Ability

Why do some Affiliates fail some fail because they cannot stop look for the pot of gold so when they see something new they move from one business to the next and that is why you will always hear them saying it does not work or it was a scam if only they would give it time and work hard they could be very successful but because they always look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they will always fail their mindset is not their. We all have to start at the bottom and work our way up yes you hear people on YouTube saying they earning 6-7 figures but what they do not tell you is it taken them years to get their but with Wealthy Affiliates you have the right training in the right place so use it. It seconds to none I should know because I tried lots of Affiliate programmes and not only does Wealthy Affiliates have a good training but once you are a premier it can cost you as little as $29 per month which other Affiliate promgrammes can’t match.


People say to me I don’t have time to be an Affiliate or start a business from home what they really saying is I am too lazy. But it does not take you too much time to be an affiliate. When I had a full-time day JOB I would get up 1-2 hours early to work on being an Affiliate and read books while I was traveling like The Next Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley & Sarah Stanley Fall, Mastery by Robert Greene and Chicken Soup by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen. And when I got back home I would study another 1-2 hours and I would do this 7 days a week and now I only work Part-time and hope soon I will go full-time with my Affiliate business. People who make excuses will always be a slave to the BOSSES, company they work for they will always be making their BOSSES dreams come true and their dreams will just be a dream. So make the time so that You and your family have a better life and make your dreams come true it’s what your family and love once deserve from YOU. Take action NOW!


Find a good Affiliate Programme like Wealthy Affiliates do the training find your Niche and build your business. Yes you will have some bad days but pick yourself up and look forward to a future where you control your life and not someone else controls your life so you and your family and loves ones have the dreams you always wanted. Set short goals as well as long goals the short goals could be a nice holiday or a gift for your partner once you reached a target set new goals. Your long term goals could be making $5,000 – $10,000 per month once you reached these goals set new goals short and long.Remember their are always people willing to help you. You are not here on your own. Don’t just look at the $$$ look at helping people and the money will follow you.

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