Affiliate Advertising -Which Is Best Paid Or Organic?

In Affiliate Marketing Which is best paid or organic? In paid advertising, it is best that you know what you doing or else it can cost you your shirt off your back I have even seen people lose their homes due to overspending on paid advertising. If you go to do paid advertising it is best if you do a course like with Linked as they have some good ones around remember if you are new to the Affiliates Marketing and you do pay advertising it is best to invest in your education while you learn as it will pay off in the long run. Organic/Free advertisement is very good while you are learning your new trade as an Affiliate marketing there are places online where you can put Free advertisements which are good, do your research you find them which is a good way to see what works and what does not work. It will take you longer than paid advertisement but it is a lot cheaper I know a few people who have never paid for advertisement and they all make 6-7 figures you have to remember it is not a race it is your business so treat it with respect.


Before moving to the paid advertisement you need to understand your niche and your target audience it is no good advertising to everyone because you are advertising to no one. Understanding your audience will help you to target the right people and help you get sales which is why you are here being an Affiliate Marketer. If you target the right people you should be able to add them to your email list which would allow you to offer them other products which you think they are interested in. But the most import thing to do is keep your budget on your advertising under control set an amount each month for your paid advertising if you are going down this road.


Organic Advertising also comes under Free Advertising because you are developing content on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinsent and Instagram etc. I prefer to call it Organic not Free as we all know nothing is Free not even Organic Advertising because it cost you your time. You will most likely build up your online business slower but at least you will not spend lots of your hard earn cash you can also use Free advertisements online all you have to do is find out who is offering free advertisement do your research or try Friday Ads, Craig list etc.


Personally I prefer Organic Advertisement any day over Paid Advertisement and try to stay away from PPC, We all have our own way of promoting our business and it does not matter how long it takes as long as we enjoy what we are doing.

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