9-5 Job or Affiliate Business – Honest work from home internet business opportunity

We as people have a choice do we want to work 9-5 for a company where we sit in little chicken huts like animals and we know each month how much we can earn or do we want to take a chance of starting our own Business as an Affiliate and work the hours we want. The 9-5 Job is what most of us were brought up with its what our parents told us to do but times have changed and more people are looking at the Internet in making a good income to replace our 9-5 Job.

9-5 Job – The Old Fashion Way.

We were told as we were growing up work hard at School. Collage and University and we would get a good job. What they did not tell us is how we would pay back the loans for our Education as it can take 10-30 years of our lives to pay it back. How would our parents feel if we did not like that JOB would we feel that we have let our parents down there was a poll in 2019 which said 87% of people did not like their JOB or their BOSS and only worked to pay the bills and put food on the table. Most people live paycheck – Paycheck each month and have less than $1000.00 in savings is this what you really want for 40-50 years of your life? Most people illness is due to work because they are put under so much pressure with deadlines. I understand why they say your early school years are the best part of your life because you do not have money problems.

Affiliate Business.

There are a lot of scammers who say they are Affiliate but if they ask you for money stay well away from them. But there are good ones as well I am with a good one because the good ones don’t ask you for money and being an affiliate means you don’t have to outlay large amounts of money that is one of the reasons so many people like being an affiliate the best way to be a good affiliate are by finding a good affiliate programme like the one run by WA-Wealthy Affiliates it is second to none on the market and the education will stand you well in your online business for years to come. Is Affiliate Business easy the answer is No you have to study and work hard but the rewards are great? I am not one to say how much you can make as an Affiliate because everyone is different it all comes down to your work that is why I never say X, Y or Z and people who say your earn this or that my advice is run from them. So why do so many people like being an Affiliate well you have no products to make or worry about you don’t have to worry about customers service because that’s taken care of by the company’s you are promoting with your links you work the hours you want and Yes it means you can work around your family and spend more quality time with them which you cant do with a JOB?

How to start an affiliate Business.

Before thinking of starting an Affiliate Business you need to know what is your WHY? Is it money? is it freedom? is it because you hate your BOSS?? My WHY is my daughter who is 13 years old and thinks she knows everything. You need to sit down and think of your WHY? There is a very good book I would recommend everyone to read it is called START WITH WHY By Simon Sinek. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and Wright brothers have one thing in common they STARTED WITH WHY. Once you know your WHY then you can research which is the best Affiliate Programme for you and gives you the Education you need to be successful in your new venture. You learn while you earn it is much cheaper than learning at Univerity average is $20,000 per year and more if you want to go to a top Univerity. if not Univerity you could stay in the JOB that you hate for the next 20 years which is something to look forward too or you could decide to move out of your comfort zone and do some research while you can’t go to work due to the lockdown, Lockdowns are negative while starting an Affiliate Business is positive as it’s for you and your family to benefit from yes you won’t get rich overnight but you will be building a strong business working the hours you want and building to live your dream and not your BOSSES dreams.


JOB might be your best option but for some people being an Affiliate means following their dreams. Whichever road you take to be happy and enjoy life with your family.and love once. We all live in this crazy world but if we can bring a smile to the face of each other then it’s a good day all round..

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